15 تیر

Beginning of registration and submission of articles

15 شهریور

Deadline for submitting articles

10 مهر

The date of announcing the results of the arbitration

18 مهر

The deadline for submission of papers

24 الی 26 مهر

The start and end date of the conference

Technological challenge

10 الی 31 تیر

Early registration (with discount)

1 مرداد الی 31 شهریور

Normal registration

1 الی 10 مهر

Late registration (with penalty)

24 مهر

Testing day

25 الی 27 مهر

Holding competitions



10 الی 30 تیر

Start registration and submit innovative designs and ideas

1 الی 15 مرداد

Initial review and mentoring

20 الی 31 مرداد

Submit revised plans

1 شهریور الی 10 مهر

Announcement of results and definitive registration

24 الی 27 مهر

The presence of the chosen ones in the exhibition section

Inventions and business

10 تیر الی 20 مرداد

Start of registration and submission of plan documents

21 الی 31 مرداد

Announcement of the preliminary results of the projects by judges

10 شهریور الی 10 مهر

The deadline for sending selected designs and final registration

24 الی 27 مهر

Opening of the exhibition

Hurry Up!

The time of the event is very close.

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